Testimonials from Satisfied Buyers Who Purchased an Existing Pool Supply Store

D. Lawrence Brock

I had the distinct pleasure of completing a very large business acquisition with the ever present help and guidance of Patrick Sufka. He had the uncanny ability to make me feel that he was working for me while he was actually representing the seller. Throughout the whole process, he projected a sense honesty, which led me to put my trust in him. Overall, he displayed a high level of professionalism, knowledge and honesty. If anyone would like to contact me regarding our encounter, please call.

Curtis Burton

Tampa, FL 33613“My professional relationship with Pat Sufka began three years ago when I was referred to him by a neighbor for help in selling my business. My neighbor had used Mr. Sufka to sell two of his businesses within one month and had not one complaint. Being a business owner, I am always busy handling one matter or another. One of the most pleasing parts of working with Mr. Sufka is that he did not disturb my already busy schedule to deal with minor details and trivial questions. He handled everything involved with the sale and left me to operate the business. In addition, he only came to me with serious offers from worth while potential buyers that were well screened.Due to my outstanding experience, I have referred Mr. Sufka to many other Pinch-A-Penny owners who have also been very happy with him. In fact, I have not had any negative feedback about him on my referrals. His perfect record with us, Pinch-A-Penny owners, has made him the only broker ever referred through the Pinch-A-Penny Corporate Office. His reputation among our company and in his community is impeccable. I do not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone in need of them, and I personally will use him exclusively for all of my future endeavors.”

Dan and Susan Beard

“We listed our business, a Pinch a Penny swimming pool supply store, with Pat Sufka in September. By December, we signed a sales contract, and we closed in March.

Pat was very professional, and extremely helpful. He helped with the valuation of the business, and constantly stayed in contact with us during the entire process.

Personally, we would not recommend anyone other than Pat Sufka to sell a business.”

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Alex Melvin

“Pat made things happen in our deal and stuck with the deal all the way. Pat and his efforts played a substantial part in bringing about our business acquisition.”

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