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Asking  |  $310,000

147 Pinellas Park

Revenue  |  $631,841

EBITDA  |  $152,073

Location  |  Pinellas Park, Florida

This store had one of its best years ever in 2020! It offers an established retail business along with pool cleaning and the use of a contractors license enabling the new owner to complete all repairs and installations. Beautiful store that provides it's loyal customer ....

Asking  |  $429,000


Revenue  |  $903,009

EBITDA  |  $183,522

Location  |  The Villages, Florida

It's not often that you can find a #1 franchise having record sales and located in one of the fastest growing areas in America! Revenue is up a whopping 17% YTD and has hit $900k for the first time! This offering includes a well-established pool route and service truck.....

Asking  |  $485,000

Miami Pool Store For Sale in Florida

Revenue  |  $883,678

EBITDA  |  $165,566

Location  |  Miami, FL

A tremendous opportunity just became available! Pinch A Penny pool supply franchise with an established pool route offers a new owner a fantastic value. Their exclusive territory contains thousands of pools ready to be cleaned and serviced. Sales at this location....

Asking  |  $700,000

Palm Coast Pool Franchise For Sale

Revenue  |  $1,316,258

EBITDA  |  $264,976

Location  |  Palm Coast, Florida

For the money...this is as good as it gets! #1 pool supply franchise with 3 streams of revenue, retail, pool cleaning route and repair work. This location can boast having 250 pool accounts and climbing each day! Sales this year are up nearly 20%! All this ........

Asking  |  $499,000

Prairie Village Pool Store For Sale in Florida

Revenue  |  $1,038,756

EBITDA  |  $176,505

Location  |  Prairieville, LA

This pool supply franchise passed the 1-million-dollar mark in sales last year! Quite an accomplishment for a store that has been open a very short time. Already a well-established location that also offers pool cleaning and repairs and installations to all of its customers.....

Asking  |  $250,000

BB Test.png

Revenue  |  $537,089

EBITDA  |  $117,145

Location  |  Boynton Beach, Florida

This offering presents a tremendous value to the incoming owner! Selling at a price that is less than it would cost to open a new store with zero sales. This established franchise is  supported with a well educated staff that serves the needs of their loyal customer base....

Asking  |  $495,000


Revenue  |  $1,018,596

EBITDA  |  $187,676

Location  |  Clermont, Florida

This store just had it's best March Ever!! Sales were up an astounding 39%. Simply said, this store and operation offers it all! 3 streams of revenue: Retail, Pool Cleaning and Installations and Repair division. Their revenue exceeded the one-million-dollar.....

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