Buying an Existing and Profitable Pool Store

Business Buyers Needs

SUFKA Mergers and Acquisitions has found it essential to learn as much about the buyer as possible. Critical information needed from buyer: investment comfort level, fields of expertise, industries most desired.

It is not uncommon to meet buyers who aren’t sure what type of business is best for them. Our company in many cases will channel a buyer into the industry most suitable for them. It’s a process that is well worth the journey.

We have a goal when a buyer makes a purchase. It’s important that they have a feeling of stability, knowledge and therefore happiness.

About the United State's #1 Pool Supply Franchise

The nations #1 Pool Supply Franchises direction is quite simple.  They strive to be unrivaled in providing value, quality and service to their customers. Perhaps that's why they now have over 235 stores strong and growing. But they also like to think it's because their swimming pool expertise is something you can count on to keep your pool and spa its healthiest and your family its happiest.

In fact, their stores are all staffed with fully-trained people. We have more Certified Pool Operators than any other company and the continuing education programs are unparalleled. So why trust your swimming pool or spa to anyone else?  Only they give you the answers, tools and products you need to make your pool care routine go swimmingly.

Since opening its first store in 1975, they have become the largest franchised retail pool, patio and spa company. A family-owned business, they began with opening a discount store within an industrial park in Clearwater, Florida. This first store evolved into a full-time, full-service retail pool supply store offering everything needed to operate and enjoy a swimming pool or spa.  They carry a wide variety of swimming pool products such as chemicals, equipment, patio furniture, giftware, toys and floats for the pool.

They began issuing franchises in 1976, always promoting its “family-owned” culture. Today, they are over 235 stores strong and growing and provide virtually every product needed to help enjoy a pool or spa to its fullest. The company's meteoric rise proves that knowledge, hard work, integrity and the care and commitment that can only come from such a labor of love is the greatest avenue to success.

  • Industry experience and expertise. This franchise has been in business for over 40 years. They have a deep understanding of the industry and our markets, and that experience and expertise is passed on to their franchisees through in-depth and ongoing training and support.

  • Customers keep coming back. One of the things that sets this franchise apart from competitors is that we don't just sell their products and services – they also share their industry knowledge and expertise with their customers so that they can take better care of their pools and spas. That kind of customer service builds loyalty, and their customers appreciate that.

  • Loyal and growing! The Average Unit Volume (AUV) of over $1,180,000 in gross revenue demonstrates a well defined and sustainable investment opportunity

  • Diverse revenue streams. The best franchise opportunities provide multiple revenue streams to help diversify store income. This franchise offers retail product sales along with pool and spa maintenance services for both residential and commercial properties.

Now that you have found the perfect franchised retail business to be part of, let's locate the right store for you to acquire and continue having success with!


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